White Elephant Playing Cards

Playing Cards—A New Twist on White Elephant Parties

White elephant game playing cards add a new twist to traditional white elephant parties. No longer is stealing and trading gifts the only factor with gift exchange. When you play Wacky White Elephant, the unique, chaos-causing playing cards add a totally new dimension.

White Elephant Game Playing Cards

Egg Noggin Card Rules

These cards contain tidbits of Christmas Trivia. Answer the trivia question correctly and you will be rewarded.

Bah Humbugger Cards

Bah Humbugger cards create movement within the game. For example, the card may require all players to pass their gifts to the left.

Nutty Cracker Cards

Nutty Cracker Cards require some sort of performance. In order to be rewarded, the player must perform the indicated action on the card and please the crowd.


The player who draws this card may use it at the end of the game and exchange their gift with any other gift they choose, including closed gifts. It is the final play of the game!

No two Wacky White Elephant experiences are ever the same and there are enough cards so the host can “stack the deck” to include playing cards that may work better for a particular crowd or surroundings.

Your gift-exchange parties will never be the same again!

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