White Elephant Gift Types

White Elephant Gift Types

Have a white elephant party coming up or are you going to host a white elephant party? Are you stumped for white elephant gift ideas or suggestions? It’s a common problem with gift-exchange parties. When you’ve been to as many of these parties as we have over the years, you begin to notice that you can actually break the white elephant gifts down into a few categories.

White Elephant Gifts – Common Categories

It’s difficult to come up with new ideas for gifts, especially when the party you’re going to features a white elephant gift-exchange. Listed here are some of the common categories of white elephant gifts you may encounter at social gatherings and holiday office parties. Above all, just use this as a basic guide for white elephant gift ideas. Originality and personality often go far when purchasing white elephant gifts.


This category of white elephant gift can be a lot of fun. A group of friends have a white elephant gift-exchange party every December. One year, someone brought a “Fighting Nun.” It proved to be the most popular gift that year and it was widely sought-after. That Nun showed up every year thereafter and always proved to be the hit of the party!

Dull Gifters

Common gifts that fall into this category might be gum, batteries, pens, socks, etc. Try spicing it up a bit. How about garlic-flavored gum, or a pack of mouse-trap gum? How about a battery charger with a pack of rechargeable batteries? What about a pen that writes in invisible ink? Think about some Grinch or Scrooge socks instead of plain old sweat socks.

How about a gift of Gumby and Pokey dolls, a Betty Boop doll, or some tequila-flavored lollipops with a scorpion stuck in the middle. Unusual is always better at a white elephant gift-exchange party.

Consider looking for your gifts throughout the year. You could try gift shops when on vacation to pick gift-exchange party gifts or stopping in at some unique shops around your city. A little time and thought will take you from being a dull gifter to the unique gifter at the next white elephant party!

Rebel Rousers

Rebel rousers bring the things that tend to get a good deal of attention, either because somebody really wants it or because he or she can’t stand to hold it. Examples of white elephant gifts that fall into this category are cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, beer, wine, liquor, fireworks, lottery tickets, and so on. While not everyone at your white elephant party will want these items, they tend to get a lot of attention and make the party more dynamic. You can learn a great deal about people by how they react to opening a bottle of Boone’s Farm strawberry wine and a pack of Pall Malls.

Adult Gifters

The real beauty of participating in a white elephant gift exchange party is that you don’t have to own up to the gift you brought. That means you can bring just about anything. We have been to only a few parties where the white elephant gifts didn’t include some gifts of a rather… personal nature. As always, use your best judgment when going this route. Your Aunt Agnes might not be too interested in a year’s subscription to Playboy.

Keep in mind that the Wacky White Elephant party game is for players aged 8 and up. Try to bring gifts that will be appropriate to the guest list…

Experience Makers

Some of the best white elephant gifts are items that create an experience for the recipient. Some examples of great office party gifts we’ve seen include crayons and a coloring book, a loaded picnic basket, a disposable camera with a bag of confetti, tickets to sports events, modeling clay with an instruction booklet, and the like. These gifts tend to be a lot of fun for those giving and receiving, and they’re gifts you can actually feel good about bringing.

Smart Gifters

The smart gifters tend to put a little more thought into what they bring to a white elephant party. They tend not to have a shortage of white elephant gift ideas and always seem to come up with the show-stoppers. While we could offer a couple of examples, these gifts tend to be thematic in that they go over well in a specific region, locality, profession, or industry. We will give one suggestion that works everywhere. The academics love it because it’s postmodern. Business people love it because it’s a smart aleck thing to do. And the rest of us love it because it’ll make the next white elephant gift party a heck of a lot more fun. Wacky White Elephant is a boxed board game that adds a new dimension and several levels of laughter to any white elephant party. This game just might be the best thing ever to happen to white elephant gift-exchange parties. It’s a clever gift to give and a great white elephant gift to receive.

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