Top 25 White Elephant Gag Gift Ideas for 2013

White Elephant Party Gag Gift Ideas

What makes a white elephant party fun? Sure, it is great to steal a gift and leave the party with exactly what you wanted. But a lot of the joy is to see the creative and so-horrendous-its-funny gifts that people bring. Here are some white elephant gag gift ideas to get you thinking about what you want to give as a “special” gift this year.

  1. Fruitcake – Yes, that cake with items that cannot be readily identified as fruit. It is so heavy, you are afraid that if you drop it, it will crack your tile floor. And what makes it so funny? When one person admits they actually love fruitcake!
  2. Colored and/or Scented Toilet Paper – Nothing says attention to detail like color-coordinating your bathroom with your toilet paper.
  3. Porn For Women – This picture book shows men in the most naughty ways. Vacuuming. Ironing. Yes this book is hot! Even better is when a man picks a gift to open and this is what he gets.
  4. Monkey-Picked Tea – What could be better than a steaming cup of tea…picked by monkeys and tossed to the ground to be gathered. Tasty!
  5. Bacon Ornament – Help someone make their tree as classy and as tasty as it can be.
  6. Peter Petrie Egg Separator – This egg separator beats all others by a nose. because the separator is in the shape of a face and the separated egg comes out of the nose. You will never look at egg whites the same again.
  7. Ovary Plush – Ova Achiever! – It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone secretly loves stuffed animals, and a stuffed body part is, well, that much better. This is definitely something you can cuddle with all night.
  8. Collossal Kidney – When Urine Love! – Nothing says you’re in love like a soft kidney.
  9. The Fighting Nun – This no holds barred hand puppet reminds us to never stand in the way of a woman and her beliefs.
  10. Jesus Shaves Mug – Just add hot water and Jesus becomes a smooth, clean shaven individual. If it were only that easy for other men.
  11. Giant Christmas Tree Hat – You don’t get much more in the spirit of Christmas than when wearing a stupidly large Christmas tree hat.
  12. The Potty Putter – Nothing to do while going to the bathroom? Don’t worry, the Potty Putter allows you to have tons of fun all in the confines of your bathroom.
  13. Pooping Moose Sweater – Yes, it doesn’t get much worse than when your Mom knits you a sweater for Christmas. Unless, of course, she doesn’t even try to knit you one this year and instead just buys a Pooping Moose Sweater.
  14. Public Toilet Survival Kit – Most gag gifts are useless. Every once in a while, a gag gift is funny and practical at the same time. With a toilet seat cover, antiseptic wipes, and latex-free disposable gloves, could this be such a gift?
  15. Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf – The yellow scarf that says you can look but “Do Not Cross”.
  16. Disposable Underarm Shields – When sweating is an issue, these pads can protect your clothing, but they can’t keep people from laughing if you get them as a gag gift.
  17. Big Momma Undies – You only thought you were big. Now you can have some Big Momma undies to provide a comparison on what is really big.
  18. Animal and Creature Caps – These caps are animal or creature heads that are placed on different dispensed items. When the item is squeezed, the liquid comes out through the mouth or nose of the creature. Choose between Toothpaste Oscar, Ketchup Charlie, Mustard Marvin, or Count Ketchup.
  19. Zombie Back Scratcher – Zombies are the rage. And who wouldn’t want a severed arm with claw-like fingernails to use for backscratching?
  20. Lump of Coal Soap – Most of us have been naughty at some point during the past year. If we have to get coal, we might as well get soap shaped like coal so we can wash our hands.
  21. Thanks for Scooping My Poop – Your cat doesn’t have the ability to clean its litter box. You do. The least your cat can do to say thank you is get you this wonderful hand sanitizer for Christmas.
  22. Flashing Reindeer Nose – Of all the Christmas gifts you could receive, this gag gift has to be high on the list of most useless. And the worst part? If you open this gift, everyone at the white elephant party will demand that you wear it all night!
  23. Emergency Inflatable Brain – Some days, no matter what you do, you just seem brain dead. Carry your Emergency Inflatable Brain with you and you will never have to worry about being brain dead again.
  24. Giant Wooden Pencil – Wow. Thanks. I always wanted a pencil that I can barely wrap my hands around and that won’t fit into any pencil sharpener.
  25. Mints! – You can never go wrong with mints as a gift. I mean who wouldn’t want a tin of mints, such as Cupcake Mints, Juvenile Delinquent Mints, Last Supper Dinner Mints, or Invisibility Mints.

Don’t hope that someone else brings a gag gift to the next white elephant gift exchange. Make sure you bring the gag gift so the jokes and laughter can make the next white elephant party a lively party.

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