White Elephant Gift Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas

With everything you have to do during the Christmas season, we know it is dificult to figure out what white elephant gift to bring to a gift exchange party. Each white elephant party can have a different theme. Is it just adults or adults and kids? Is it gag gifts or gifts that are re-gifted? Is it nice gifts that everyone can enjoy? Is it under $20?

Well, we can’t give you ideas for every possible white elephant party theme, but click on the links below for many different ideas.

  • Top 25 Gag Gift Ideas for 2014 – If you need ideas for a white elephant gag gift party, here are some great ideas that everyone will enjoy…unless they open your gift.
  • White Elephant Family Night Gift Ideas – Family Night is a great way for you family to get together and enjoy each other. A white elephant party that celebrates family night makes for a fantastic gift-exchange party, as well as giving gifts that will be used year round.
  • White Elephant Office Party Gift Ideas – Need a gift to bring to the office party gift exchange? Here are some ideas from safe to funny but not offensive. You might even find some gifts that your co-workers will be happy they received your gift.
  • White Elephant Bacon Gift Ideas – OK, so we are just having fun with this, but there are a lot of bacon products out there that are funny and would be great gifs at a white elephant party.

And of course, remember to bring the host an extra special gift – Wacky White Elephant. This gift will make the host’s job so much easier by providing the white elephant game along with the Wacky White Elephant playing cards that makes Wacky White Elephant a truly unique and fun gift exchange game.

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