White Elephant Gift Exchange

Invitation to a White Elephant Gift Exchange Christmas Party

Ready for this Year’s Gift Exchange Party?

The white elephant gift exchange is a great way to bring fun and a spirit of friendly competition to your gift exchange party. People have tried all kinds of ways to make gift exchange a part of their holiday parties. A decade ago, drawing names out of a hat for Secret Santa was popular. Over the years, many people have decided to throw white elephant parties that center around the white elephant gift exchange at the end of the party.

With the release of Wacky White Elephant, Uno Duo created yet another layer of fun for the typical white elephant party. The addition of playing cards makes the game ten times more unpredictable, where some players are forced to give up their gifts and others have the opportunity to select from the unopened gifts again.

Wacky White Elephant
The perfect white elephant gift exchange gift idea!!!

Needs some other white elephant gift ideas? Of course, you can always buy Wacky Elephant Today! It just might make your white elephant gift exchange party the one everyone talks about for years.