White Elephant Gift Exchange Names

White Elephant Gift Exchange Names

You might know it as a white elephant party but did you know that the white elephant gift exchange is known by many other names?  Use the links below to learn more about the many different names we have given gift-exchange parties over the years.  And also read our white elephant history page to learn more about where the term “white elephant” originated.


Other White Elephant Names

There are many more names for a white elephant gift-exchange party, such as:

  • Scottish Gift Exchange
  • Chinese Gift Exchange
  • Thieving Elves
  • The Game
  • The Present Game
  • Chinese Christmas
  • Rob Your Neighbor
  • Dirty Christmas
  • Cajun Christmas
  • Backward Auction
  • California Swap
  • Steal-a-Thon
  • Cutthroat Christmas
  • Redneck Santa
  • Rob a Santa
  • Scotch Auction
  • The Grinch Game

Whether you have heard it called a White Elephant Party, or Yankee Swap, or Left Right Gift Exchange, it is all basically the same, and Wacky White Elephant makes it easy to create a white elephant gift-exchange party the best it has ever been!

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