Why Wacky White Elephant

Why Buy Wacky White Elephant?

When it comes to playing white elephant, the most common issues are slight discrepancies in the rules and the fact that undesirable gifts opened early tend to take a person out of the gift exchange fun. When you buy Wacky White Elephant, you take away the reasons people dislike white elephant party games and replace them with laughs, fun, and lots of unpredictable turns.

The Perfect White Elephant Gift Exchange Game

Joel Kenty, the creator of Wacky White Elephant, got the idea for Wacky White Elephant after his first experience with a white elephant office party. At the office Christmas party, he drew first, excitedly opened an neatly wrapped Christmas gift, and was rewarded with…4 AA batteries! The rest of the evening, he watched as others opened and stole candles, bottles of wine, and other Christmas and holiday goodies. No one seemed to want to steal his batteries and he was unable to get in on the fun.

A few years later, he and his wife decided to have their own white elephant gift-exchange party and Joel wanted to make it so that everyone could join in on the fun. He came up with creative ways to have more gift movement and more interaction in the game. The party was a hit with his friends and Wacky White Elephant was born!

Having a Christmas Gift Exchange Party?

So you’ve decided to throw a gift-exchange party for the holidays and, like everyone else who organizes white elephant gift-exchange parties, you are considering using traditional white elephant rules. While most white elephant parties are fun, here’s your chance to take your party to the next level!

Wacky White Elephant is a complete white elephant gift-exchange game that comes with everything you need to pull off a fun, organized gift exchange party. The rules are similar to the traditional white elephant gift-exchange game in that each guest may open a gift or steal an opened gift. However, the wackiness starts after a player opens a gift, the player must also draw a playing card and follow the instructions on the card. There are opportunities to pass, exchange, steal, and protect your gift. The cards have all sorts of wacky requests and will have your guests answering trivia questions, singing, dancing, and laughing their heads off!

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The decision to buy Wacky White Elephant for your next white elephant gift-exchange party is a simple one. Purchase a game today and start planning your holiday parties now. Get everyone excited, create great interaction amongst your party guests and everybody goes home a winner. It will be an instant hit with all your friends.

And remember, the Wacky White Elephant game makes an excellent wrapped gift for Wacky White Elephant (or traditional gift exchange) parties. So, purchase enough games to have one for every party you attend this season. You and your friends will not be disappointed!