White Elephant Party Game

White Elephant

You open an unmarked gift that’s neatly wrapped…it’s perfect! It’s the best you could hope for at a holiday gift-exchange party. But wait! You still have to see what your playing card has in store for you – sing a holiday song, answer a holiday trivia question, or stand under the mistletoe. If you’re lucky you might be able to protect your gift! Now just watch out for the other players because they might be able to exchange their gift with you too! It’s wacky and it’s unpredictable! Do you have what it takes to protect your gift, or will you find the perfect opportunity to pass the undesireable gift on to someone else? This easy to play, fun party game will make your white elephant gift-exchange party exciting, dynamic, and completely unpredictable!

Introducing the Wacky White Elephant Party Game

Wacky White Elephant is the gift-exchange party game that takes a normal white elephant party and turns it into an exciting, memorable, fun party! The history of white elephant party games is interesting, having grown in popularity over the years, particularly for office holiday parties. White elephant parties have been around for years and can be a lot of fun if well-organized and operated by established white elephant rules.

Wacky White Elephant includes everything you need, aside from a white elephant gift, to make a gift-exchange party fun. This boxed white elephant party game is great for home and office parties.

And the best part is you won’t have to worry about looking up the rules before the party starts. We even have some great white elephant gift ideas. Everything you need comes in the Wacky White Elephant box!

Wacky White Elephant is the best gift-exchange game you can buy if you are planning your next Christmas office party. And what better wrapped gift to bring to a white elephant party than Wacky White Elephant? It’s the perfect party game and the perfect white elephant party gift.

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